Everyone has had at least once in your life experience - when you visited any Chinese restaurants for takeout in the United States, you usually get a box container that was folded with a single piece of material intended to prevent leakage, with a small wire handle attached to the top for carrying.

This is the final assignment I was assigned for the Dynamic Typography class this Spring of 2021. Within three weeks, I was assigned to produce a minimum of :20 typography-driven animation. I chose to work on a promo video named The History of The Chinese Food Takeout Box. The box invention was so unique that it has been an iconic symbol to represent the Asian American food cultural in the US and almost appearing in so many films. The fun, dynamics animation, along with the upbeat background music is shown in a 3D typography sequence. From scratch to the final work, my role for this project was modeler and animator.

Produced at SCAD Atlanta.
Tools: Cinema 4D, Octane Renderer, After Effects
Spring 2021

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