Azio is a luxury computer accessories brand that specializes in the design and manufacturing of PC and Mac keyboards, mice, and audio products. The company was founded in California, 2005 and is well known for its unique atheistic keyboard design, which is the combination of the classic typewriter and the vintage-inspired aesthetics of the past with the eciency of modern-day tools. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Azio is releasing a 30 seconds seasonal commercial to emphasize their brand product - retro classic keyboard collection series.

The concept will illustrate the celebration and the importance of needing a pair of Azio products on a special occasion. To celebrate this Valentine’s Day, the story will begin on a set of a home desk environment and a PC. The humanized PC screen opens his eyes, feeling down, and realizes that almost every other product around him is a pair besides himself. Soon, he would realize the importance of owning a pair of keyboard and a mouse make a lot of sense of everything. The set of the tone will be soft colors of pink and gold, with the appropriate motion, and will involve script typography and the revealing the brand logo for the final animation.

My role for the project was 3D modeler, animator, and editor for post-editing. I modeled the scene and finished the animation in Cinema 4D, edited the background music in Premiere, and finished the post-editing in After Effects for color correction and typography

Tools: Cinema 4D, Octane Render, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere
Winter 2021​​​​​​​
Style Frames

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