The impact of the mediums would change a person's perspective on things and judgment, especially the medium online content. The effect of media dependency has changed tremendously throughout the years on the social standards towards social trends. The idea of the media dependency theory states that the more a person becomes dependent on the media to fulfill these needs, the media will become more critical of the individuals and have much more influence and power over them.

Mirror, Mirror is the visual aid to assist the critical essay - Media Dependency: The power of the medium of my media theory class during the summer course in 2021.
It is a project that focuses on using social media dependency and portrays how powerful online media platforms are and their impact on the audience and their social judgment. The storyline illustrates a magic mirror that showcases the illusions of the most popular social trends as the audience asks the question, yet later reveals the
ugly truth behind the beautiful surface. The Mirror is the object that signifies the reflection of illusory and self-desire.

Produced at SCAD Atlanta.
Tools: Sketch Toon shader with Cinema 4D, Octane Renderer, After Effects Summer 2021

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