This is the final project that I worked on for my Motion Media Typography class this past Spring quarter. Within 3 weeks, I was assigned to create a minimum 30sec animation for a chosen song lyric by Professor Christina Maloney. The concept behind was to narrate a story by using the song “Lithium” to display the feeling that even though the situation may seem bad, there’s always hope. The story is about a boy that has depression, trying to find hope through his passion - skateboarding. In this project, I was involved in all the production stages, from brainstorming a concept to the final production. The execution included a hybrid of live action with a rotoscoped character through cel animation in Photoshop, composited into After Effects for further animations. 

Tools: Canon 60D, Adobe After Effects
Actor Credit: Mike Duffie 
Music Credit: Lithium by Nirvana

Spring 2017

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