Projection Mapping : Memeception -light version (live recorded)


To understand the overall theme of the final project, which is “Covid Quarantine - Think outside box while trapped inside,” it is important to deliver the message to let the audience know the importance of creativity has no limitations even though self-isolation and current circumstances seem blocked the path. 

This is a projection mapping student work I did for the motion media - Alternative Method class in summer 2020 at SCAD. This project was expected to be an installation-based projection-mapped sculptural screen artwork for a gallery space situation. The requested theme was Covid-19 and depended on the work that would make up for installation. 

Visual Project Overview:
This work was designed by using the leap motion as the hand tracking controller and MadMapper as video mapping software. The concept of the project is to guide the audience into another dimension and discovered different memes to reveal the human consciousness towards 2020 as a whole. This project aims to be a live visual performance during the virtual exhibition. Viewers would review this project differently each time they participated in the process. The popular TV series The Twilight Zone and Alice in Wonderland and the Surreal art movement were the inspiration for the task.

Theme and concept:
The beginning frame starts with a character falling into the "rabbit hole" (aka. Dream hole), Different memes guide viewers into a different aspect of the memes. 

Tools: Leap Motion Controller Device, Mad Mapper software, Macbook Pro 

Summer 2020

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