I chose to combine Atompunk and the 1950s as one retro-futuristic theme.
Atompunk is an aesthetic, fantasy theme centered around the view of the future from the 1950s perspective. I originally wanted to model something retro in the 1950s (I did model the 1955’s Ford Victoria Crown in the end), but after I spent some time for the research and found that Atompunk was actually activated during the 50s to late 60s, and it often depicts the “traditionally American” values, particularly the nuclear family and the suburban life. One of the representations of the theme is the cover-car flying in the air, but the color palette still stays the 1950s, which is the pastel, mint-green, and rose pink. I think it would be interesting to combine the elements.

Tools: Cinema 4D, Octane Render, Photoshop
Winter 2021

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