Visual Music is at the core of the development of Motion Graphics and Motion Media Design. Interpreting the music visually means thinking in terms of mood, rhythm, editing and coloration that best captures the musical forms. 

I was assigned to create a short-time based visual music piece for my projection mapping class in the summer of 2020. One of the challenges of this assignment is capturing the feeling and content of the sound and music in filmic and graphical ways. The music I chose was the music piece - Help! De Dokter Verzuipt, made by the Dutch composer Rogier van Otterloo in 1974. I wanted to recreate my work with the 70s retro vibes with my own interpretation. Everything from this piece was created and done in After Effects. 

Music Credit: Help! De Dokter Verzuipt by Rogier van Otterloo
Produced at SCAD Atlanta 2020

Style Frames

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