Nautical Sextant Object Design with the event announcement

In this assignment, I was asked to pick a subject that revolves around a designed object or several objects with the proper typography design. I chose a Nautical Sextant and took a series of photographs for the posters. There are four final posters I created with the same title, content, and event information.

The goal for the assignment is to stretch the ability to think in terms of a system and yet have the agility to produce a minimum of three very different yet related images of the chosen object, as well as to practice the ability of photography and typography.

Poster Design - Important Social Issues: Overpackaged? 
In this assignment, much like magazines and newspapers, which dwell in the realm of the greater media world where news is reported, opinions expressed, and gossip disseminated, posters have a minor role in focusing on more specific matters.

Thus the role of a poster is primarily to communicate, inform, and educate concisely and effectively. It is an immediate platform to voice issues and create discussion. Some use it as a tool to influence opinions and sway viewpoints. Since it has to survive amongst a myriad of printed matter, strong impact and attention-grabbing qualities are essential. A strong conceptual image or assemblage of elements is sort after. 

My social issues theme is the overpackaging problem. The design is very straightforward; I used 3D software - Cinema4D for the object and composed it in InDesign.

Poster Design - Information + Educational Broadside: Gravitation  
The poster's purpose is to be both informational and decorative, inducing the audience first to acquire it, mount it on a wall, and finally absorb its content through a series of readings. It is important to consider the composition and images as a large-scale chart/diagram – an educational tool. To make the topic visually compelling by using imagery, abstractions, color, and everything properly in the design vocabulary. 

The goal for the project is to design a poster/broadside that illustrates or symbolizes visually and verbally a process or relationship from the subject matter chosen. Use any type of media or imagery that fits the concept: photographic (found or original), hand-generated (freehand or mechanical), collage images, old engravings, etc. The poster must be realistically based on existing production processes but may be as many colors as desired, including 4 colors process. Project Dimensions: 28” x 37”  

My assigned topic is Gravitation. The challenge for me was to come up with a visually pleasing image that explains my topic well, so I decided to come up with an image mixed with the waving grid, which represents general relativity, gravitational wave, and gravitational lensing. 

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