I created a steampunk theme 3D poster for social media platform. I named it La Invention! Steampunk travel the world. I have been amazed by the vintage ornamental poster such as Art Nouveau and Victorian-era ones in the past and always wanted to work on projects in relation. I knew this specific style of art is usually in 2D work, so the challenge for the project is to make it 3D and still keeps the unique artistic vibe. 

Steampunk is a combination genre of science fiction inspired by the Victorian era industrial steam-powered machinery. After the research, I sketched out the content with the objects that I wanted to model and spent some time studying shading and materials. I used primitive models and generators to create objects, spline tools, and Illustrator for some other complex elements. I used Photoshop for some post-editing including light blurriness and added some contrast to make the frame more vivid. 

Tools: Cinema 4D, Octane Render, Photoshop
Winter 2021

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